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Pond Design

You can never copy your favorite koi pond to build yours.


Every koi pond is unique--its location, dimensions, surroundings, sunlight intensity, source of water, number of population you plan to have, your budget, and many more factors. Let alone aesthetic aspect of the pond, as to how to integrate it as an element of your house exterior or interior. Those long listed factors are reasons why you have to customize your pond.

Deliberately taking all those considerations, with long years of experience we are here to design your unique koi pond. With us, your koi pond is scientifically designed, includes space allocations, dimensions, filtration system, filter medias, flow rate and direction, equipments, etc.


All the mathematical and design complexities we manage is for your ease to construct and have a pond. For those who are beyond our efficient capability of constructing, this service is feasible. Yet, your pond will be beautiful and sustainably alive, with crystal clear and healthy water with minimum maintenance efforts.

Ultimately, happy fishes happy you.

Pond Building

You can get rid off the hassle of constructing your pond.


Having the right design is one thing, building could be another story. If you want to keep focusing on your daily activities, you can leave all to us. All you need to do is agreeing the design and back to your own business.  Our end-to-end services include:

  • preliminary survey

  • development of designs

  • licensing

  • teaming up of of experts and labor

  • procurement

  • construction supervision

  • running test

  • commissioning and training

  • last but not least, continuous consultations on koi and pond

Sit back, you will have your dreamed koi pond in front of your very own eyes.

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